Greetings from Gower

Everything is green for a reason, we get A LOT of rain…

Hello you beautiful lot. I really hope today is treating you well.

My Kitchen, Production Studio and Office.

With the “help” of my daughter we have started getting the rudimentary stuff ready for filming our YouTube Videos. Despite having a history working on live Radio, I do have an amazing ability to get tongue tied. After about a million takes, we managed to get the video we needed. Now, its down to the almighty god of digital editing to make me appear both credible and human.

It’s a cold and wet day here, upside is that the plants don’t need watering (There is a reason everywhere in Wales is green), I really hope to get some nice weather soon to get some local video and still footage to use in this blog and future videos. The downside to this inclement weather is that it leaves me in a great deal of physical pain and these grey, rainy days really drag my state of mind down (Again, Wales…) as they appear to be a trigger for my depressive state, luckily I have the focus that this project brings and I feel cooking is a superb source of Mindfulness, I can just pop some music on and put the world on hold while I melt into the concentration of creating some hearty tucker.

My wife is a Nurse and is currently working a 12-hour shift on a busy maternity ward, I know she’ll come home exhausted and hungry, so I better make something that hits the mark and I just realised that the clock is against me.

Catch You All Soon


Published by Cooking At The Crowleys

I love cooking, photography and live on a tight budget. Good, tasty and occasionally nutritious food need not cost a fortune. Join us on a journey to expand your skills and food experience. You might even enjoy it.

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