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Chorizo and Prawn Paella

Chorizo and Prawn Paella

My take on a Spanish Classic

My first memories of Paella are a hideous, dried, just add water concoction from the convenience selection in a supermarket as a child. While it was served, some of it had not rehydrated and the peas could have easily been mistaken for buckshot, the hardened rice stuck between my teeth and the promise of a synthetic Spanish dish were bordering on blasphemy.

Fast Forward twenty years, before we were married and had money to travel, Jo and I went to Ibiza, we’ve never been “Party until the sun rises” people (sleep is a precious commodity that should be cherished) and we stayed in the centre of the island. We were invited to a night of Flamenco Dancing, Sangria and Paella. Jo was excited and I had an image of spitting out rock hard ingredients under the watchful gaze of a sultry and dusky Spanish beauty trying to concentrate on her choreography over a lobster red British Tourist inadvertently insulting her heritage.

However, I loved it. The aroma, the array of tastes and textures were sublime, and I have spent a long time trying to approximate the meal. I’ve given up replicating the traditional recipe in favour of this easy to create beauty. As always, feel free to chop and change the ingredients or method but this dish is guaranteed to please even the fickler of family members.


450g Large Prawns

100g Petit Pois (Frozen)

200g Chorizo

Olive Oil

3/4 Spring Onions

3 Tomatoes

3 Cloves of Garlic


2 Tablespoons of Turmeric

350g Paella Rice

1 Litre of Chicken or Vegetable Stock

2 Limes


  • Slice the Spring Onion, then chop up the Parsley, garlic, tomatoes, and Chorizo.
  • Splash some Olive Oil into a pan, heat then add the Spring Onion, Garlic and Chorizo.
  • Stir frequently until the juices leave the Chorizo and the Spring Onion softens.
Aside from providing a warm spicy taste, Turmeric has many recognised health benefits
  • Liberally add the Turmeric and stir into the pan mixture.
  • Making sure the prawns are thawed, stir in the entire amount followed by the tomato, peas, parsley, the juice of 1 lime and the Paella Rice.
  • Make 1 litre of Chicken Stock by simply adding 2 stock cubes to 1 litre of water and thoroughly mix, then pour into pan mix and stir.
  • Lower the heat to simmer for 20 minutes stirring every 5 minutes.  Cover the pan to stop the rice from drying out (I use my chopping board to cover the pan)
  • Serve in a bowl and garnish with some parsley and a quartered lime.
  • Sit back and relish in the fact that you’ve created a dish that’s far more enjoyable than any dehydrated cack that can remain on the supermarket shelves where it belongs. Plus, I don’t mind you taking credit for your creation.
  • Enjoy!

Published by Cooking At The Crowleys

I love cooking, photography and live on a tight budget. Good, tasty and occasionally nutritious food need not cost a fortune. Join us on a journey to expand your skills and food experience. You might even enjoy it.

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