Egg Fried Rice

This lovely and simple recipe that will bring you the Takeaway favourite is economical and easy to make. The only things I would highly recommend is using a wok to do this rather than a frying pan and to cook your rice 24 hours before.

I love being part of a multicultural society, it opens my culture to different ways of thinking, cultural practices and tastes from all over the world in such huge combination we can truly see there is more that bonds us as a species than divides us. Personally, I feel as a self-proclaimed gutsy bugger, that food is a key construct in bridging divides it engages peoples senses and motivates curiosities into different cultures.

This Egg Fried Rice is a very thin thread in a huge multicultural tapestry, but without that thread, the tapestry would be incomplete. I really hope you try this and enjoy. As always don’t be afraid to experiment, you have a food artist within you, let them shine!!


2 Cups of Basmati Rice.

2 Cups of Water.

200Ml of Groundnut Oil.

6 Large Eggs.

3 Tablespoons of Teriyaki Sauce.

2 Tablespoons of Dark Soy Sauce.

Spring Onion for Garnish


  • Measure out, wash and cook 2 Cups of Basmati Rice (If using a Rice Cooker, which I would recommend) add 2 cups of water.
  • Once cooked, fluff up with a fork, cover and leave for 24 hours.
  • Break six eggs into a large mug or bowl.
A Pint of eggs
  • Heat the Groundnut oil in the wok, this will heat very quickly so keep an eye on it (please don’t burn down your kitchen, if you insist on doing this, pop over to my old bosses house and offer to cook for her, she is genuinely unpleasant to be around)
  • Keep moving the eggs in the hot oil until they’re scrambled.
  • Make a ring of scrambled egg in the wok leaving the inner circle empty.
  • Fluff up your rice again and add to your wok.
  • Mix in 3 Tablespoons of Teriyaki Sauce and 2 Tablespoons of Dark Soy.
  • Stir all everything together ensuring that the sauces and egg are evenly distributed among the rice.
  • Decanter into a rice or pasta bowl and garnish with thinly sliced Spring Onion.
  • Allow those around you marvel at your skill as the creator of this Egg Fried Rice. Sit down, relax, and try to understand what kind of answer Barry Gibb was expecting when he sang “How deep is your love?” which to me sounds like a very personal question that should only be asked by your significant other or a qualified Medical Practitioner.

Published by Cooking At The Crowleys

I love cooking, photography and live on a tight budget. Good, tasty and occasionally nutritious food need not cost a fortune. Join us on a journey to expand your skills and food experience. You might even enjoy it.

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