Katie’s PRIDE Cake

This article commemorates the official end of Pride Month. To support her LGBTQ friends, my daughter paid homage to their ongoing struggle for equality and freedom via the medium of baking. I’m immensely proud of Katie for doing this, she has numerous friends that face bigotry everyday of their lives because of how an everContinue reading “Katie’s PRIDE Cake”

Crispy Chilli Beef

I was a bit of a late comer to takeaway food. I was raised by my Grandparents, my Nan was a self-proclaimed Vegetarian that didn’t stop her from eating corned beef (I always assumed that was justifiable homicide) and my Grandfather, despite serving in Northern Africa and Italy as a Tank Driver in the SecondContinue reading “Crispy Chilli Beef”

Egg Fried Rice

This lovely and simple recipe that will bring you the Takeaway favourite is economical and easy to make. The only things I would highly recommend is using a wok to do this rather than a frying pan and to cook your rice 24 hours before. I love being part of a multicultural society, it opensContinue reading “Egg Fried Rice”

Lamb Linguine

Lamb is a delicacy around most northern European Countries and is obviously a major export of the Welsh Economy. British farming has taken a series of major blows in the past few years, between Climate change, Brexit, Covid and the sheer purchasing power of Supermarkets, our Farmers need as much support as we can offerContinue reading “Lamb Linguine”

Chinese Takeaway Curry

Who doesn’t love a takeaway? I mean, you might have a preference on your favourite ethnicity of menu and a tried and tested favourite on that menu, but we all salivate when we think of our favourite. When it comes time to order in our house, the vote is always split between the picky eatersContinue reading “Chinese Takeaway Curry”

Bara Brith

In most cases there are no better comfort foods than those from you’re childhood. My Grandmother and Aunty Winnie were exceptional at making this traditional Welsh Teacake, Bara Brith. There is nothing like sitting down, having a cup of tea and a sturdy slice of tastes and smells that hurl me back several decades toContinue reading “Bara Brith”

Blueberry Cheesecake

Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Like so many other things in life only those who have never tried it. This lovely simple recipe is easy to make and is guaranteed to please. No oven is needed, just a little time slaving over a hob and patience waiting for the ingredients to set. Ingredients 200g of PlainContinue reading “Blueberry Cheesecake”

Photography & Me

A passion of mine was ignited when I worked in an Opticians in my twenties. I was lucky enough to work with someone who could only be described as eccentric and never failed to be a source of intrigue and entertainment. Kelt Perrigo was by trade a Contact Lens Specialist but had a real passionContinue reading “Photography & Me”

Farmhouse Carbonara

Farmhouse Carbonara As you might have guessed I’m a massive fan of Italian food. Its typically cheap to make, its smells amazing, it CAN be healthy and it just gives that “carb hug” when you need it the most. As I’m keen to point out “I’ve never met a carb I haven’t liked” Carbonara isContinue reading “Farmhouse Carbonara”

Mental Health & Me

June 10th 2021 I cannot believe that its been over a year since we all* had to batten down the hatches and do our upmost not to physically integrate, something unprecedented in our lifetimes. From my perspective, I worked my role in the NHS to the best of my ability until I was told byContinue reading “Mental Health & Me”

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