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Photography & Me

A passion of mine was ignited when I worked in an Opticians in my twenties. I was lucky enough to work with someone who could only be described as eccentric and never failed to be a source of intrigue and entertainment. Kelt Perrigo was by trade a Contact Lens Specialist but had a real passionContinue reading “Photography & Me”

Mental Health & Me

June 10th 2021 I cannot believe that its been over a year since we all* had to batten down the hatches and do our upmost not to physically integrate, something unprecedented in our lifetimes. From my perspective, I worked my role in the NHS to the best of my ability until I was told byContinue reading “Mental Health & Me”

Greetings from Gower

Hello you beautiful lot. I really hope today is treating you well. With the “help” of my daughter we have started getting the rudimentary stuff ready for filming our YouTube Videos. Despite having a history working on live Radio, I do have an amazing ability to get tongue tied. After about a million takes, weContinue reading “Greetings from Gower”